We help adults with dyslexia navigate the challenges of life to help them achieve success

Join an accepting community, learn from people who have walked the path and live the life you deserve.

Dyslexia has held us all
back for too long..

We're not told what it really is, how it effects our lives and most of us try and forget about it after school.


it's always there. In the corner, taunting us. 

It's time to take our lives back.

'It's such a blessing to be part of such a
positive and kind group.' 


Feeling stuck in your head? Your confidence is shot? Like nothing you try works?

You're not alone we have been there. We have felt lost, like nothing we did made a difference and like we were hiding. 

One of our members put it the best - 'I feel like I’m 4 feet tall trying to play in the NBA and trying to hide my shortness. I feel like it’s really obvious I don’t belong and I spend so much energy trying to hide my shortfalls.'  

Have you ever felt like this? 

You don't have to feel alone anymore. You can learn what dyslexia really is as an adult, how to accept yourself and be accepted and to move forward on your journey in a way that works for your brain.

We can help you move forward.

So what can I expect inside the tribe?

Dyslexic Shortcuts

We review the best technology, tips and tools you can add to your life to find shortcuts around the challenges in your life. All in video format so not giant docs to read!

Live Q & A's

Stephen & Vanessa will spend time with you to answer your burning questions, have live conversations on topics the tribe chooses to help you move towards where you want to be.

Expert Interviews

Some of these guys are like $200 an hour to go see. We get them on a live call and ask them the burning questions. On Topics like Time Management, order, emotional intelligence and more.

An Epic Facebook Tribe

We can keep our challenges to yourself. But what if you had people who get who you are. Have the same problems and can allow you to vent & grow. That is our tribe. We are all working on our own journeys and supporting each other - It's awesome.

The Ability To Give Back

Your stories mean so much. They help others. By being a member you are helping support our mission to advocate for Right-brain thinkers across the world.

💓 Thank You

Create Your Path

You are on a journey and a good journey starts with a clear destination, knowing where you are starting from and a trip you enjoy going on. We help you map your own path.

Meet The Founders

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We are just taking off. The initial climb can sometimes be a little bumpy, but we know we can do it. We are looking for some awesome people to join us and are offering a discount for people wanting to join the journey. 

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3 Steps To Create Success

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Start Reaching Your Dreams

Without all the anxiety & overthinking.

Are you ready to leave the chaos behind?
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Is it your time?

Our Promise

You're not broken and we promise we won't try and fix you but instead give you the tools, support and guidance to thrive.

You may have tried other things that didn't work, we are different - we are sharing what has worked for us in our lives - street smarts NOT book smarts.

In this tribe, you don't have to hide your true self - you can speak your mind, share your problems, talk too much, misspell words and take your mask off.