ADHD & Dyslexia
7 Hidden Traits Your Don't Know About

The Ultimate Step-By-Step guide to understanding how ADHD & Dyslexia 'Really' effect you. 

In this Video, Stephen reveals the 7 Hidden Traits you have to understand to take control.

Hint: It's not about reading & writing.

Meet Stephen

One of the founders of the Right Siders, Stephen has lived with Dyslexia & ADHD and talks from experience. When he realised what he didn't know as an adult it shifted his world.

He (along with Vanessa & Becky) are on a mission to help other adults with Dyslexia & ADHD to become aware, start accepting themselves & taking action in a way that works for how our heads work.

This could be exactly what you have been searching for!

“I want to thank Vanessa and Stephen for creating this amazing page. It’s such a blessing to be part of such a positive and kind group. An extra thanks to Stephen for the coaching session. It was helpful to talk with someone who understands my way of thinking. I left with clear thoughts on my career operations. I highly recommend a coaching session with Stephen he’s a great coach.”

- Elisabeth, Arkansaw